YOU Are Your Only Limit

A version of this post was originally posted here as part of my work with Free People.

You are love.
You are joy.
You are abundance.
You are enough.

Our most natural state of being is bliss. Strip everything away that pulls you down and disregard the conditioning instilled in you from an early age. What you are left with is your most pure, beautiful self.

We are all born into this world that fully supports us and wants the best for us.

Our only real limit is ourselves. Over time, we build walls for ourselves and it takes a little work to push down what we have built, but the work must be done in order to live a limitless life.

Likes attract like; the law of attraction applies to everything. When we align ourselves, align our thoughts, and vibration with our natural state (which is joy, love and abundance) it is pretty damn hard for the world not to give you just that.

I know. I really know that it is challenging at times, especially when you are going through something tough and you might not be exactly where you want to be. But trust. Know you are exactly where you are meant to be. If you are able to stop focusing on the lack in your life and switch your focus to the good those limits you set for yourself will start to dissolve.

When we mirror what we desire, by thinking, feeling and believing that what we want is already ours, alignment begins and energy shifts. Things fall into place. Joy and inspiration explodes out of you, and life can come with ease.

When we are striving, thinking endlessly about what we want, we’re usually not thriving. If you catch yourself thinking, “I don’t have any money, I didn’t get the promotion, I’m a failure, I have no real friends…” these self-doubting thoughts are based in fear. Step back and switch your focus to the items you do have, the job you have, and the people in your life.

This is something I struggle with all the time. Nothing happens overnight and honestly, I don’t always live by what I’m saying right now. It’s hard. BUT, I am a big believer of thinking positively and focusing on feeling good because it works and I’ve seen magical things happen in my life from doing so, and I want you to see the magic before your eyes, too.

Self-doubt is okay. I don’t want you to feel like you should have never have negative thoughts, or you always need to feel great about yourself, and exude alllll the confidence. I don’t know if that is achievable. Even the most “successful”, “beautiful, “prosperous” individuals still have self-doubt. The only thing I suggest for you is to acknowledge the thoughts you might have, be aware that you’re having them, and then let them go. “Hey! You’re in my head, nice of you to show up, I see you, but I don’t need you, and you can leave now.”

Life can feel harder when you focus on the space in-between where you are now and where you want to be. So instead, relish in the space. Change your thinking to the beauty and happiness you already have. The space will be easier to fill when you don’t put all of your attention on it. Let go, surrender, and be here now. If things don’t work out the way you would have intended or preferred, it’s probably for the best. Learn something from it, and move forward.

Step back, open your gaze, and express gratitude. Think feel-good thoughts, follow your joy, and trust that everything will work out. Don’t limit yourself because you are the only one who’s able to pull yourself out.

Remember, there is no right way.

Start taking those steps to feel good. Pick up the little pieces of joy along the way and savor the shit out of them.

You are love.
You are joy.
You are abundance.
You are enough.

10 Ways to Give More Love Everyday

A version of this post was originally posted here as part of my work with Free People.

Taking a moment to remind myself that February doesn't have to be the only time we put that extra effort into showing those we love, that we love them.

It feels good knowing that we have the ability to make someone feel as special as they are. Simple gestures of love can really make a difference in someone's day. Love is so good for the soul - it is the juice that keep us going, don’t undervalue the notion of sharing it. 

Here are 10 simple ways that you can share your love every day: 

  1. Cook a meal with someone you care about and enjoy it together.  Take your time, laugh, savor. There isn’t much more that speaks love louder than a home-cooked meal — it will taste even better when you share it.
  2. Give small, thoughtful gifts. Hand make a gift or selectively shop with a certain someone in mind. When you expend the extra energy into finding something he/she will really like, the sincerity and will is obvious. Remember…it doesn’t have to be a material object!
  3. Give a hug. We get so caught up in communicating through technology that sometimes our relationships feel impersonal. We are human. Giving or receiving a hug is a powerful yet simple gesture to improve your mood and connect.
  4. Start off someone else’s morning right by packing a lunch, making breakfast, or ritual morning beverage. This is especially easy if you live with someone!
  5. Handwrite a note. There is an art to the love letter. Unfortunately, it’s not as popular as it used to be. Try ditching the text message and let someone know you are thinking of them by handwriting a note. It’s an automatic cheer-up for both parties!
  6. Make a playlist. Create a customized musical journey. What’s more fun than curating a soundtrack for someone you love? 
  7. Give the gift of time. Schedule something and stick to it. We are all guilty of making plans and then cancelling when the time comes. It is worth it to make more of an effort to spend face-to-face time with people. Nurture your most cherished relationships.
  8. Reconnect with an old friend. Staying in touch is hard sometimes. But take some of the pressure out of it. Call, check in and simply let him/her know you wanted to hear his/her voice. It might be easier to stay in touch if it feels more casual.
  9. Genuine compliments will never, ever fail. Next time you’re admiring someone’s brilliant style, let him/her know!
  10. Express yourself, loud and clear. I love you, I appreciate you, I value you, I respect you. Whatever those words are that we all need to hear sometimes…don’t hold back! 


We are part of something much bigger than we even know. It is just the beginning of a major shift. When we look back on this time, years from now, I think more than anything, what we will have is pride and gratitude. Pride and gratitude for what we are learning about ourselves as a community and as individuals. Throughout history, there have been very pivotal moments where the people of our planet decide that we have a choice, and our voices can and NEED to be heard. We’re living it right now and it’s like whoa. People really FEEL this. 

As I scroll, hear the news, and speak with my friends and family, I recognize that our truth is coming out to shine. We will not take the bullshit. We will not support phobias, hate, bigotry, misogyny, racism, and close mindedness. Those morals will not “lead” us.

We are embracing our fears, celebrating the world's diversity, uniting, and saying, "NO".  

I’m not a fan of giving into the negativity and keeping up to date with the latest "news" because it is never good. It feels too much like I’m watching a very dramatic reality tv show. But I still do it, because, what, we're supposed to just ignore everything that’s happening? Serious decisions that impact people’s lives are being made within a matter of seconds and it hurts. I feel the pain of those irrational decisions and everyone that it affects. My stomach turns, my emotions are heavy, and it is stressful. 

But to be honest, I don’t know what the hell to do

I lived in the country with the world’s LARGEST Muslim population growing up (which frankly is not one of the seven banned countries- hmmm?) and I feel more uncomfortable with the fact that I am an American in my own country than I ever did as an American in Indonesia. Some of my greatest friends are Muslim. Some of my greatest friends are Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian. I was fortunate enough to go to school and build beautiful, life changing relationships with people from different religions, races, and background than me. My middle school teachers were Muslim. I experienced so much more than what I could wrap my head around at age 10. 

Now that I’ve gone through it and currently live in the western world, I know that what I really gained, was TOLERANCE. The ability and willingness to love, accept, and sometimes endure those who are different than me and and my opinions.

It hurts my heart that a group of people “leading” our country are so terrified of certain groups of HUMAN BEINGS. I am nervous for what the next few years will bring, but I am also grateful to be a part of it. I am proud to be alive during this time, especially as a woman, even if some situations are not ideal. 

We all want the same thing, but some of us go about getting it differently and if there’s anything I feel like I can contribute, it is love, more love, and even more love. And I know that a majority of the world feels the same way right now. So, hell YES. 

A message for our current president: